Sunday, April 18, 2010

Match this jewelry

I often wonder what clothing to wear with my jewelry. Being a jewelry designer, I pick my jewelry out first and my clothing second (I know it's a bit backwards, but it works for me... most of the time).
I have lately been looking at other talented Etsian's work and have found many items of clothing that work very well with my jewelry. Now I just have to decide what shoes to wear...

Green/white silk chiffon dress by 13threads...
green/white silk chiffon dress
works well with...
The Grass and Sun earrings

The Adeliene Dress by DearLillie....
The ADELIENE DRESS -- in Fuschia and Slate on Asphalt -- Our  Adeliene dress in Slate was FEATURED ON ETSY'S FRONT PAGE ---
works well with...
The Dusk earrings

The Personalized Drawstring lotus leaf collar dress by Wangbin
Personalized Drawstring lotus leaf collar dress
works well with...
The Liliac earrings
Lilac earrings


  1. I think they would look stunning together! Gorgeous earrings and they have a great name. Thank you so much for picking my dress and if you ever find shoes let me know. I never get the shoes right. Lois

  2. Thanks so much! I just love everything about the dress :) The earrings are small enough not to outshine the dress, but still large enough to be noticed. I think that a neutral pair of summer shoes (maybe sandals) would work so well with this look...
    Thanks for the comment!