Sunday, April 4, 2010

Inspired by the mulberry tree comes the Mulberry ring... Here's how to make it

Mulberry fruit is so funny! Little clusters of bubble-like seeds clustered together starts out large at the bottom and spirals up to form a pointed tip. And the taste... delicious!

To celebrate these bit-sized wonders, I have created my very first ring... the Mulberry ring. It mimics the "large on the bottom, small on the top" shape of the mulberry fruit. The ring is beautiful to wear, just not quite as edible :)

Here's how to make one of your own...
Two things that I learned from making the ring are: to start with more wire than you think you need and to make the ring a size larger than what you want the finished product to be (start out with a size 7 on a ring sizer if you want a size 6 ring).

12 inches or longer of 22 gauge sterling or gold filled wire (half hard)
3 beads of your choice (for this ring I used 4mm amethyst beads)
A ring sizer rod
Step 1:
Wrap the wire three times around a ring sizer rod so that you have a long tail on both sides... about 4 inches (remember to start out one size larger than what you actually want the ring to be)
Step 2:
After you finish wrapping the wire you should have two tails about the same size at the top of the rod
Step 3:
Twist the two tails together once
Step 4:
Add one bead onto each side of the wire (two beads total) and twist the wire around the beads. 
Step 5:
Take one of the wires and wrap the end three times around the part that fits on your finger (the part that you first wrapped around the rod)
Step 6:
Add another bead to the wire that is still free and wrap around that bead
Step 7:
Repeat step 5 with the last wire.
Congratulations! you now have a beautiful ring!

Please check out the ring on Etsy for more views:

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