Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A craft show, a trade show, and a shabby-chic display

I've been a busy lady...

In between taking care of an almost one year old (who loves to open up all of my cupboard doors and drawers and pull everything out) and taking care of the house (nothing beyond the norm of laundry, dishes, and feeding our two cats), I have been making tons of jewelry for my upcoming shows.

Tomorrow is the start of my crazy schedule. It goes like this: from 5:30-8:30 Summer Serenade in Daville. We then fly out to New York (for a visit with family). While out in the Big Apple, I have a trunk show in the morning on Sunday the 18th and my son's birthday party in the afternoon.

I get a bit of a break until I am scheduled to go back to Danville on August 5th for the Summer Fest (5:30-8:30). Two days later I am heading to San Francisco for the Market SF show from 12-6 (this looks AMAZING btw!!)

At the end of August is another craft show on the 29th in Berkley called Last Sunday's Fest. This one looks really lively... music, food, lots of handmade goodies.

I decided to only have two events in September (a trunk show in SF and a craft show in Danville early in the month) as I am turning the big 30 (gulp) on the 24th and I have no idea what my wonderful hubby has planned for me.

I'm sure that I am going to have something planned for October, but nothing yet.
November 21 is another craft show in San Jose (1 1/2 hrs away...) and I am thinking about doing a booth at the local farmer's market every Sunday in November and December, too.

So, of course I have to have a display that matches my jewelry, looks fairly professional and put together, and is easy to set up and break down. After lots of trial and error (the Elfa system was a thought), I decided to buy two 6' wooden ladders and put pieces of plywood on the top four steps. My displays were items found on the internet, in thrift stores, and a fortunate trip to Michaels.

I'm, to say the least, a bit nervous about participating in my first show, but I know that it will turn out well :)

I will post some pictures of the show shortly and tell you all how it went (fingers crossed!!)

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