Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wire wrapped earring project

Hi everyone!
Happy Sunday :)
Here are some great (and easy) earrings to put together in a snap... for those days when you realize that you don't have jewelry to wear with that great new outfit.

Six inches of 24 or 26 gauge wire, cut in half. (gauge of wire depends on how big the holes in your beads are)
four 6mm swarovski crystals bicones 
Two square wooden beads
Two silver leaf beads

chain nose pliers
round nose pliers
wire cutters

Step 1:
Take one of the three inch pieces of wire and make a loop on one end by twisting it around your round nose pliers until the shorter end almost touches the longer end

Step 2:
Slide one leaf bead onto the shorter end 

Step 3:
Wrap the shorter end around the longer end using your round nose pliers to hold the wire as above and your chain nose pliers to wrap the wire

Step 4:
String beads on the wire. In this case I placed the wooden bead in between two swarovski crystals, making sure to leave at least 1/2 an inch on the end.

Step 5:
When you have finished stringing the beads make a loop in the unfinished end with your round nose pliers.

Step 6:
When you have finished wrapping the loop until it meets the top bead, closely trim the end using your wire cutter. 

Step 7:
Attach the ear wire by slightly opening up the loop in the wire with your chain nose pliers. Slip the loop of the beaded earring onto the ear wire and close the ear wire loop. Repeat with the
 other earring and you're finished!!

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